Whether for an individual nurse renewing their license or a nursing care facility maintaining its accreditation, every licensed nurse or staff training coordinator knows that training requirements are constantly changing and are unique to every state. It is very time consuming to keep up with it all!  Our mission is to save you time by helping to determine your requirements.

Connecting you to your training

Medcom stays up-to-date on the RN and LPN license renewal requirements from every state’s nursing board, and compiles a list of any state-mandated topics. We also collect as much information as we can about the staff education requirements for acute and post-acute care facilities in every state, broken down by administrator, nurse, nursing assistant and ancillary personnel levels.

Finally, we perform course crosswalks to identify training that matches the requirements. If your facility already has a training plan, we can perform a course match to that training plan in Medcom’s large catalog of courses.

Helping you fill the educational gaps

There will always be a need to create facility-specific training. A course matchup will help you identify where you are covered, and where you may have gaps. Medcom will then help you create your own training to fill those gaps. This will ensure that your curriculum is complete.