Education that fits both student and instructor needs

More and more students are entering nursing and nurse assistant programs everyday so instructors need better ways to both effectively and efficiently provide instruction to larger class sizes. Well prepared instructors make use of video and online formats to reinforce what they teach in the classroom as well as to demonstrate hands-on procedures.

Medcom courses are easily accessible and easy to incorporate into these curriculums.

Streaming video is easy to integrate with lesson plans, such as using video links embedded into a Blackboard or Digital Files. Our T3 Learning Management System can also store all of your students’ records.   

Medcom provides a comprehensive range of professionally produced video courses which demonstrate procedures you might not be able to do in a classroom — and especially in a textbook. These videos are great for students to refer back to at their convenience, especially after the in-class lecture is done.

Up-to-date courses you can count on

All course materials are constantly checked and updated — to reflect the latest clinical guidelines, procedures, or regulations — by a team of Subject Matter Experts who have advanced degrees in nursing and a specialization in the topics they are reviewing.