Medcom’s intuitive, streamlined Learning Management System and up-to-date content saves you time and money training employees.  Faster onboarding and mandatory training, automatic tracking and reporting, and test-out options allow staff to spend more time focusing on their most important job: caring for the patient.

Your organization will be able to train staff either inside or remotely, whichever works best with their busy schedules.  Our easy-to-use solution delivers high-quality training to help you retain your best staff. 

Medcom takes pride in delivering quality support whenever you need it. With an industry leading customer support team, we are available and committed to ensure the success of your training plan.  When you use the T3 Learning Management System, support is just a click or a phone call away to provide the answer you need.

Simplified Interface

Log in and take your training in one or two clicks. Assignments are displayed immediately and launched with one click. The course catalog is organized by topic and instantly searched.

Streamline Onboarding and Training

Our streamlined system saves on time and money involved with the training process.  Faster onboarding and mandatory training delivery means your team has more time to spend caring for patients.

Self-Paced Learning

We recognize all learners are not the same. Most Medcom courses are self-paced and individuals can take as much or as little time as they need. The student can go back and review content anytime they want, at their own pace.

Test-Out to Save Time

Testing-out of a topic may only be for the veteran staff, but why allocate the resources to have a seasoned nurse take a course they could actually teach? Test-out options allow staff to spend more time focusing on resident care.

Tracking and Reporting

Automatic tracking and reporting allow your supervisors and administrative staff to spend a fraction of the time keeping up with training completions. With categorized reports, you can easily find the information you need in the T3 Learning Management System.


Customized staff training can be specific to your organization.  If you have a new policy that needs to be explained or a topic that your team needs to cover specifically for your client-base, you can use this tool to create a course and post-test for that area.

Class Scheduling

Live in-service training can be tracked exactly the same way as online training. Easily register and mark attendee completions.

Skill Checklists

Custom skill checklists can be used to verify specific competencies. Instructors sign-off to add completion into student’s education records.