Colleges & Universities

Medcom delivers a great collection of up-to-date, streaming videos about healthcare education that can be utilized by schools and libraries to maximize student learning. There are over 300 titles encompassing both streaming video resources and online course packages that we provide to schools and libraries. The instructor-centered content can easily be embedded in online class materials, student exams, or supplemental lesson plans.

Acute Care

In today’s value-based healthcare environment, operational efficiency is a crucial part of success and the need for efficient staff training is more important than ever. It’s not cost-effective to have live mandatory training or performance improvement training in different buildings of the hospital or throughout the system. It wastes your most valuable asset — time. Medcom serves Acute Care organizations spanning from rural hospitals to nationwide health systems to specialty care centers. 

Post Acute Care

Post-Acute Care organizations can now maintain their state and federal training compliance requirements with a low-cost, up-to-date intuitive Learning Management System. Our streamlined employee training system saves you time and money by providing faster onboarding and mandatory training, automatic tracking and reporting, and test-out options which allow your staff to spend more time focusing on resident care.

Medical Product & Device Companies

Manufacturers spend countless hours on research and make large investments on both the development and testing of devices but is all for nothing if your team can’t sell it and your customers can’t use it.  We help you reach your goals of bringing the best product to market.