In today’s value-based healthcare environment, operational efficiency is a crucial part of success and the need for efficient staff training is more important than ever. It’s not cost-effective to have live mandatory training or performance improvement training across different buildings of the hospital or throughout the system. It wastes your most valuable asset — time. Medcom serves Acute Care organizations spanning from rural hospitals to nationwide health systems to specialty care centers. 

We help our Acute Care partners overcome challenges like retaining nursing staff and reducing variation while being more efficient.  By helping you maintain your mandatory compliance and focus on performance improvement, we are able to help Acute Care organizations drive patient outcomes.

Medcom provides hospitals and health systems with a complete course catalog for nurses, nurse practitioners, and other health care providers. You can use our courses for onboarding, orientation or to demonstrate ongoing education and competency.

We provide an intuitive, customizable Learning Management System to help you easily manage your compliance and performance improvement programs. Our solution streamlines delivery, tracking and reporting of training, allowing administrators and staff to spend more time focusing on patient care and reducing variation.

Medcom also takes pride in supporting you whenever you need help.  With an industry leading customer support team, we are available and committed to ensure the success of your organization.  When you use the Medcom T3 Learning Management System, support is just a click or dial away to get the answer you need so you can get back to things that you care about most!