Consistency across Hospitals and Health Systems becomes more important as you evolve and grow your business. Medcom is committed to assist you with your mission to provide outstanding care to your patients by helping to drive patient outcomes. 

A well-trained staff is key to an organization by creating the proper environment to retain the best staff members. Continuous performance improvement and compliance training that drives the outcomes you need can take a lot of time when done properly. Medcom delivers quality training every step of the way.  

With Medcom’s T3 Learning Management System and up-to-date content, you can increase consistency and promote performance improvement while maintaining mandatory compliance. The Medcom system is low-cost, intuitive and customizable making it the right solution for all levels of your organization. With over 2,300 courses to choose from, our content covers the many required areas of a hospital or health system. 

Our CourseBuilder tool allows you to create your own training in the areas you need. By providing the right content for the right areas, you can achieve your compliance goals and eliminate unnecessary variation in the care provided to your patients. 

Streamline Onboarding and Training

Our streamlined system saves time and money involved in the training process.  Faster onboarding of staff and volunteers means your team can spend more time providing care.

Tracking and Reporting

Automatic tracking and reporting allows your supervisors and administrative staff to spend a fraction of the time keeping up with training completions. With categorized reports, you can easily find the information you need in the T3 Learning Management System.


Customized staff training can be specific to your organization.  If you have a new policy that needs to be explained or a topic that your team needs to cover specifically for your client-base, you can use this tool to create a course and post-test for that area.

Test-Out to Save Time

Testing-out of a topic may only be for the veteran staff, but why make a seasoned nurse take a course that they can teach? Test-out options allow staff to spend more time focusing on resident care.