Ambulatory Surgical Centers are a highly valued part of the clientele we serve. Medcom provides Specialty Centers with a complete course catalog for staff. Your facility can use our courses for onboarding, orientation, and to demonstrate ongoing education and competency.

Medcom provides a low-cost, intuitive, customizable Learning Management System to help you easily manage your compliance and performance improvement programs. Our solution streamlines delivery of course material, saves time with tracking and reporting, and allows administrators and staff to spend more time focusing on the important services you provide.

Streamline Onboarding and Training

Our streamlined system saves on time and money involved in the training process.  Faster onboarding of staff and volunteers means your team can spend more time providing care.

Tracking and Reporting

Automatic tracking and reporting allows your supervisors and administrative staff to spend a fraction of the time keeping up with training completions. With categorized reports, you can easily find the information you need in the T3 Learning Management System.


Customized staff training can be specific to your organization.  If you have a new policy that needs to be explained — or a topic that your team needs to cover specifically for your client base — you can use this tool to create a course and post-test for that area.