Medcom delivers a great collection of up-to-date, streaming videos about healthcare education that can be utilized by schools and libraries to maximize student learning. There are over 300 titles encompassing both streaming video resources and online course packages that we provide schools and libraries. The instructor-centered content can easily be embedded in online class materials, student exams, or supplemental lesson plans.

Colleges and Universities need a brand they can trust to provide low-cost resources in both a flexible and customizable solution. Instructors need to be able to offer quality video resources to their students, whether used in the classroom or embedded in online course materials. Libraries need to maintain up-to-date resources for their online catalog. All of these challenges are solved by Medcom.

Whatever your need is, we can customize a solution that works for your school. Our high-quality video catalog is also available as streaming video, DVDs, digital resources, and workbooks on select topics.

Library Video Resources

Medcom’s videos will easily integrate into your online library catalog. The system can be used as a video resource allowing students to access the information on-demand.  You select the topics your school will need and the streaming videos become available at the student’s fingertips.

Instructor Video Resources

Streaming videos can also be used as a classroom resource or for homework away from the classroom.  They are easily embedded into online class materials allowing the video resources to be used as an enhancement on a topic or to be assigned as a review.

Lesson Plan Supplements

In addition to using our video resources as an enhancement, you can use our online course packages to supplement lesson plans.  Assign an online course during class or embed it on your campus platform in the syllabus. Students will be able to review the video material and you will be able to see how much they learned through their grade on the post-test of each course.