Manufacturers spend countless hours on research and make large investments on both the development and testing of devices but is all for nothing if your team can’t sell it and your customers can’t use it.  We can help you reach your goals of bringing the best product to market.

Medcom provides an online platform which helps medical device, product and service companies deliver professional credentialing for sales reps as well as product training their customers. Our easy-to-use system and best-in-class support team will help streamline all your training needs to move your products to market faster.

Whether you need vendor credentialing for your sales team, so they can meet with potential clients, or product training for your customers in an online format, we help ensure your time and money get invested with a maximum return. Our online platform can even help you deliver your training modules and digitized resources with improved efficiency. We will help you every step of the way, so your marketing and e-learning teams stay focused on creating optimum training for your employees and customers.

Vendor Credentialing

This will provide your representatives with the necessary requirements to gain access to medical facilities in order to conduct their job tasks appropriately.

Web Hosting for Training

Everything created for your training — such as products, troubleshooting and FAQs — can now be hosted in one place with our online platform for easy, instant access anywhere in the world.

Digitized Resources

Make your resources more available to anyone requiring access. The online platform provides a “one-stop shop” for the entire portfolio of training modules and resources for your customers and staff.

Customer Solutions

Our system provides a unique space for each one of your customers which offers them the opportunity to provide customized training for employees. Users have special administrative access to help them manage and report on only their users which reduces support time.