Post-Acute Care organizations can now maintain their state and federal training compliance requirements with a low-cost, up-to-date intuitive Learning Management System. Our streamlined employee training system saves you time and money by providing faster onboarding and mandatory training, automatic tracking and reporting, and test-out options which allows your staff to spend more time focusing on resident care.

In-person training programs require large amounts of time to plan and perform which can create higher overhead costs through overtime and backfilling. Other online resources may sound appealing but can also add cost getting everything you need. Quite simply, this can become a headache to keep track of over time and Medcom offers what you need to get the job done at an affordable rate.

The dynamic, ever-changing regulatory environment and a new reimbursement model from the government are impacting the ways Post-Acute Care organizations deliver services and healthcare providers are being scrutinized more than ever before.  Post-Acute Care providers are now being tasked with driving patient outcomes and improving performance all the while having to meet training requirements to prove competency over time.  This method can be expensive and time consuming if done the wrong way.

Medcom takes pride in providing support whenever you need help.  As an industry leader in customer support, our team is available and committed to ensure the success of your training plan.  When you use our courses and the T3 Learning Management System, support is just a click or call away so you can get back to providing quality care!