Not all Palliative Care is done in Hospice, but Hospice is most certainly about Palliative Care. Providing compassionate care to those in need is the cornerstone of what you do. Why spend extra time and money on a training system that takes time away from this mission?

With Medcom, your employees spend more time focusing on patients and less time worrying about your mandatory training requirements. We offer a low-cost, intuitive Learning Management System and up-to-date content to help you streamline your training process for your team, including the volunteers! Our web-based system gives your team access to the training they need at any time of the day. The tracking and reporting features in the system automatically keep up with completions so you can spend more time focusing on providing compassionate, patient care. 

Streamline Onboarding and Training

Our streamlined system saves on time and money involved in the training process. Faster onboarding of staff and volunteers means your team is spending more time providing care.

Tracking and Reporting

Automatic tracking and reporting allows your supervisors and administrative staff to spend a fraction of the time keeping up with training completions. With categorized reports, you can easily find the information you need in the T3 Learning Management System.


Customized staff training can be specific to your organization. If you have a new policy that needs to be explained or a topic that your team needs to cover specifically for your client-base, you can use this tool to create a course and post-test for that area.